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Feature: Meet the maker sweet and unique

From fermentation to foraging, Black Pineapple Co. will change how you think about your next drink and your next event.

With over 25 years in the industry, Black Pineapple Co.’s founder Frankie Walker is definitely considered a veteran of the trade. Starting in the UK as a glassy at the age of 15 Walker has had just about every kind of job in hospitality from prep chef to restaurant manager, to sales rep.

14 years ago, looking for a complete change of life, Walker moved to New Zealand and fell in love with the country. He landed a job with Lion as Brand Ambassador for their spirits portfolio, a moment Walker described as “defining”.

The invaluable business experience I gained at Lion coupled with my front line hospo background set me up for running Black Pineapple

After running Black Pineapple as a side business for two years Walker was able to make the jump to full time a year ago.

Essentially Black Pineapple Co. is a premium drink catering business, the company receives an event brief and responds with a signature concept to reflect or enhance the theme. “We like to say if you’re having a celebration, event, product launch, wedding, birthday or even conference you need a chef or caterer for the food, a DJ for the music and Black Pineapple Co. for the drinks,” explained Walker.

From bespoke drinks uniquely created for the event to craft beers, wine and food matching, amazing themed bars, beautiful crystal glassware, and the best staff in the industry Black Pineapple cover it all with a focus on speed and quality service.

Walker has big aspirations for Black Pineapple Co. “I believe that overall drinks at events in N.Z are done really badly,” he admitted. “Think of how great food offerings are versus drinks at large events. My vision is that we help completely raise the bar for drinks quality and speed of service at large events nationwide.”

What’s next for the company that has gone from strength to strength in only a few years? Taking on even more new clients who believe totally in what Black Pineapple Co. is doing and offering. “We also recently acquired an awesome modular 8-metre events bar that’s a game-changer for our ability to execute large-scale events, think cocktails and fresh craft beers on tap.”

Black Pineapple Co.’s future sounds as sweet and unique as its fruity namesake.