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Cocktail Masterclasses

Get your work team, clients or friend group together for an unforgettable hands-on cocktail making experience. Our expert bartender /  presenters will share insider tips, tricks and techniques on this journey of delicious discovery.


We can run our sessions for group sizes starting at 15, up to 50 guests.

We have several venue partners that we work with to create the perfect session for you and your crew.

Costs range from $90 to $130 depending on group size

4 x epic cocktails per person.
30 minute mix and mingle, 90 minute cocktail class.
Q&A session.
Coaching and advice.
Crystal glassware.

Pro quality bar gear.
The finest spirits, liqueurs, produce and house-made ingredients.
High density ice.

I can’t get enough of the Black Pineapple master classes. They’re the most fantastic way to spend quality time with close friends or clients – you listen, watch, learn and do – all delivered with the customary passion and knowledge of the BP team. With delicious cocktails and a garnish of competition, you have the perfect night where everyone leaves with tips and tricks on making better drinks.

Rory Walker, Strategic Account Director | Salesforce

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