Frankie’s guide to throwing the perfect Christmas party

Frankie’s guide to throwing the perfect Christmas party

Navigating the annual festive work-place fizz up can be daunting. From guest-list politics, to unwanted intoxication, let me help you navigate the shark infested waters into the clear blue delight of Christmas revelry. Let me introduce you to my pun-inspired 12 Yays Of Fizz-mas..

On the first Yay of Fizz-mas, my professional drinks consultant / party planner gave to me…..

A thoughtful date

We all know that the calendar gets chocka at this time of year. To reduce festive fatigue, ensure a higher % turn out and avoid p!ssing off the family at home, my vote would be a Thursday in early December. Friday night work events creep into precious family weekend time, and we all know that pie runs & team ‘debriefs’ on Friday mornings in December are totally acceptable in the workplace.

On the second Yay of Fizz-mas…

Water, water everywhere

Host responsibility is a real thing – no-one wants another photocopier incident with Kevin from legal. Have a water station in a central location, jazzed up with fresh citrus (but not herbs, they go weird).

On the third Yay of Fizz-mas..

Feed me!!

Have substantial food available from the start, and don’t save the pizza delivery till 3 hours in, when the guys have started putting their ties round their heads (why do they always do that??)

On the fourth Yay of Fizz-mas..

An effervescence limitation plan

Don’t kick things off with Espresso Martinis, the Kiwi drinks equivalent of a red rag. Make sure you’ve got 0.0% and mid strength options available. We prefer to lead with drinks that are light, aperitivo / spritz style, ensuring a slow and steady start to what could turn out to be a marathon. Also never, ever have shots available, it leads to bad things happening.

On the fifth Yay of Fizz-mas..

Did you know that 40% of adult Kiwis rarely drink (twice or less per month)? Consider having a jazzy mocktail / virgin version to make the non-drinkers feel 100% included – this is a real focus for us at events and is always appreciated.

On the sixth Yay of Fizz-mas..

A Designated Bartender

Have someone responsible for pouring drinks, versus letting people serve themselves, especially if there are spirits around. Most people have zero idea how much alcohol is in things, so it’s just not a good idea.

On the seventh Yay of Fizz-mas..

A festive punch!!

I’m thinking lemon, pomegranate, sparkling wine, peaches, cherries.. 

Punches are made for sharing, can look spectacular if put together with love and care (decorate them like a cake), make for low admin because all the work is done in advance and allows you to control the amount of alcohol in there.

On the eighth Yay of Fizz-mas..

Appropriate glassware!!

It’s not ok to drink wine from tea cups (it’s not prohibition). Save admin by arranging drop off / pick up – it’s worth the extra $60, trust me.

On the ninth Yay of Fizz-mas..

Ice, Ice, Baby

Don’t run out of ice!! You always need more ice than you think you need. No-one wants the boss to have a warm G&T, or have to do a mish to the servo just before speeches…

On the tenth Yay of Fizz-mas..

Time to prep

How many times have you been to an event and the drinks just aren’t cold enough!!! Get your beer & wine on ice early. Add a little water to the container / chilly bin for super fast chilling.

On the eleventh Yay of Fizz-mas..

All the right kit

Don’t forget you’ll need some kit – chopping board, knife, something to measure with, bottle openers, tea towels, spray and wipe, plus plasters and gaffa tape – always.

On the twelfth Yay of Fizz-mas..

Black Pineapple!

If all of the above sounds like WAAAYYYYYYY too much admin….

THEN DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND BOOK US!! We’ll make the magic happen, the admin disappear, and clean up Karen’s accident by the water station…