What we do

Unforgettable Experiences

Be it a conference or a Leader’s forum, we create and host team events that are never forgotten. Whether the subject is Single Malt Whisky, Central Otago Pinot Noir, or NZ Craft Beer, our experts will entertain and enlighten with a journey of flavour & discovery.

A Perfect Match


Our sessions are designed to inspire creativity, collaboration & a little competition as well.

Let us know what your aims for your teams are, and we’ll find thoughtful, original & entertaining ways to bring them to life.

Examples of experiences we’ve led for groups

Sensory & Cocktail-making masterclass for the marketing team at Villa Maria, followed by a creative cocktail competition to design the perfect Summer serve using Leftfield Rose.

Money can’t buy executive spirits tasting at Huka lodge, including bespoke cocktails. Let by spirits expert Frankie Walker, who selected rare and unusual spirits all from distilleries he’d personally visited to help bring this luxury tasting fully to life.

Digital cocktail competition for NZ Tech firm Mindful. Using Microsoft technology we helped them discover tastes & flavours to inspire their cocktail creations & get them working in teams.

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